Payment details

Payment details

Tomasz Cybulski
1 month ago

The system stores all details related to every single payment. To access them, right-click on the selected cell and select "details" from the list. After clicking on this item, a window with payment details will appear.


As you can see in the picture below, in the payment details window you will find information about the date of payment, who made it, what amount was entered and how. The last item depends on the type of module that was used for accounting. There are three ways of accounting: manual, via bank file and via DotPay transfer..

An important point is that you will be able to see any anomalies associated with a particular payment in the payment details. The system records the history of operations on a particular payment. In case of irregularities, you will be able to react and correct the deposit where you have noticed an issue.

The history of the payment is protected against saving wrong clicks, so if within a few seconds you make a few corrections in a given table cell, the system will save only the original version. If a longer period of time elapses after the correction, the correction will appear in the detailed history of a given payment.