Parsing a bank transfers file

Parsing a bank transfers file

Tomasz Cybulski
1 month ago

The second way of accounting contributions is to use the bank file parsing module. This is an extension to the manual contribution module, which allows the system to automatically mark the contributions of players/parents in the contribution table based on the bank file with the transaction history. To enter the bank file parsing module, go to the left menu contributions transfers import. The bank file parser is only available as a premium module in club licenses.


To import the relevant bank file into the bank file parser, make sure that your bank is on the list of available banks. If your bank is not on the list, make sure that your bank is able to export the transaction history as csv or xls files. If there is such an option, download the file from your bank account, anonymize your personal data and contact us. Our team is able to prepare a suitable parser for the newly registered bank.

If you have the correct file and if you import it for the first time, open the file in any program (e.g. LibreOffice or Excel) and check if its layout matches the file description and its visualization. If there are any slight differences, make sure that the file has not been modified, choose the correct export in the internet banking system or try another option from the list of banks (for some banks we have more than one parser). Remember that there is no need to remove outgoing transfers, the system will recognize them and ignore them during the file parsing process. If the description and structure of your file match the one displayed in the import window, you will have no choice but to drag the file to the field marked with a red frame. If the file is correct, the system will start parsing the file, which will take you to the generated transaction list.


As you can see in the picture above, there are several important elements in the view of accounting for bank statement transactions. The first thing you should pay attention to is the colour of the transfer. Green colour means that the system has identified the transaction and it has been assigned to a specific person and a specific contribution. If the system was not able to assign the transaction to a player the transfer will be highlighted in yellow. In this case, you can assign it manually by selecting the correct player from the list and the contribution to which the transfer should be assigned. If it happens that the transaction will include a fee for e.g. two different contributions (camp fee and monthly contribution) or for two players e.g. siblings, the system gives you the possibility to split the transfer into any number of parts. To do this, click the blue button in the last column of the table.


If it happens that there is an incoming transfer in the system that does not concern contributions, you can select the action from the drop-down list. You can choose to skip, delete or hide the payment. Remember that a once read transfer will be treated as a duplicate when you try to upload the same file again. In such a situation, select the option to remove a specific transaction from the list. The final effect of both options is similar - i.e. ignoring the contribution in the system. The difference will appear only in the case of import where the same transfer will be found - in the case of a hidden transfer it will be omitted, and in the case of a deleted one it will be re-imported and will need to be deleted again.